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2022 Toyota Hybrid Highlander XLE


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Hi Scotty, What is your opinion about the New Highlander Hybrid 2022 with 8 speed auto with 2.5ltr engine, I am about to purchase one after many years of saving and worry about it since there is a lot of mixed opinions out there saying Kia Hybrid Sorento are better choice. The one which I wanted looks very similar to this one.

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Between the Highlander and Kia, definitely the Highlander. No way Kia can make anything even near in quality as Toyota. Also, Toyota has been making hybrid for many years (given the Prius) so they know how to make good hybrid.


Nothing made by Kia is even in the same galaxy as anything made by Toyota, IMO.


Get the Toyota and you will be happy for many years to come. 


Highlander for sure


If you plan to keep the Highlander well past 150,000-200,000 miles then get the regular gas version instead.  Definitely stay far away from ANY Hyundai Motor Group products due to their poor quality/reliability/service and not standing by their products: