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Negative fuel trim on a 30k miles run V6 accord 2009


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Was inspecting a used 2009 V6 Accord. The cas just had 30k miles on the odo. Checked the service history and the odo meter reading is genuine. Earlier the car had codes for Maf and iat sensor but after the air filter replacement the codes went away but the Ltft was showing -10%.

I really don't know what's causing it. The car runs like a clock. No other problem. Engine is smooth as silk shifts perfectly fine.

Please help me here.😀

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Will this solve the issue?


You might have to do a bunch of stuff to get it going well. Start with the cheapest.

1. Spray Clean MAF

2. Spray Clean Throttle Body

3. Change Air Filter

4. Change Fuel Filter

5. Check for Vaccum Leaks.

No necessarily in that order, but whatever is convenient and cheap.

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Thanks for replying 😃