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New CAT on 08 F150


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Hi Scotty,

My friend has an 2008 F-150 4.6 V8 automatic with around 75,000 mi. He recently started to see no acceleration above 20 mph and his check engine light came on. He ran a scan tool at AutoZone and it threw code P0106, the suggested part was an EGR valve. Him and I changed that together for some bro time. After the swap the truck continued to have the same problem and throw the same code. After a little more research, we learned that it might be the catalytic converter, but we didn't have the tools to diagnose it. He took it to a Ford dealer who diagnosed it as the driver's side catalytic converter. They offered him to do the labor if he wants to buy his own CAT. They wanted to charge him $1,400 for the part plus labor.  

 Flowmaster doesn't have a CAT for this model truck. I saw some on RockAuto for around $200 but I don't know if Original performance is a good brand. Do you have any exhaust brands that you would recommend. He got a good deal on this truck and it's a pretty good one so he wants to keep it going for as long as he can. The dealership told him it was in great shape besides the power loss. He is the second owner and it spent most of its life in Texas and New Mexico.


Thank you and thank you for your videos, They come in handy quite a bit.


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Well I've had good luck with the Walker cats.


After I posted this I saw the video of the one you put one on.

Thanks for all the videos and the response!


If you are not in California, or a state like California, look into MagnaFlow:

My friend used MagnaFlow on their Prius. The reason they went with MagnaFlow is because it needed to be direct fit, not universal, and it seems MagnaFlow was one of the few (besides the dealer) that offered a direct fit. 

(California has some super strict laws, which prevent shipping to California, even though the cat came from California itself!)

Thanks Kaizen,

Magnaflow is still in the running. It all comes down to cost my buddy will probably sell it after