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Nissan 350z (2003) Computer Replacement


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I've got a 2003 Nissan 350z with 108k on it. Runs great but recently random issues turning over. Took to a dealer and they told me it's most likely the key computer (BCM?) and that to replace it would be roughly $600  + $400 to reprogram all keys. 

I was wondering if there's a way to just bypass this as a security option. I'd hate to spend $1k to find out it's something else. 

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Some analysis they say it might be the computer. I would want it written that that's going to fix it or I would not pay them if it didn't fix it. If they won't do that I'd go somewhere else


On a car that age especially if someone else had been into it you will NEVER get a this will guarantee to fix it from anyone. The bcm price sounds right and that labor amount includes install and programming of keys by the sounds of it. That’s way to much for just key programming .