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Not a question just an accomplishment


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  • My car is a 06 Chevy impala LS 3.5l v6 the accomplishment is I changed the water pump myself today stupid thing threw belt yesterday has I was pulling into O'Reilly Autoparts so needed new pump I replaced it the belt had to get a worker there to help but car is running!!! I'm new to tinkering on engines lol also I'm 28 
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Well great hope you use my videos to learn how to fix cars that's what I'm here for

You have been a godsend tho not just for me but others I know my ac compressor maybe bad cause the fuse keeps blowing besides 15 year old car shes still running strong slowly failing but has been the best car I've owned the extra 33k I've put on her highway miles I got her Missouri lol when I moved there the car is amazing


Good stuff.



Awsome! If you have the desire, you can do it. My motto is "Learn by doing, If you do it you will learn it. And if you learn it you will do it".