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Poor acceleration, high engine RPM


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Scotty I had all 4 O2 sensors replaced in my 2008 Nissan maxima. Before that it ran fine until it just stopped outta no where while I was driving. I put my little machine on it and it said bank one sensor and back 2. The car ran great besides that. I took it to the shop and they said I need all 4 replaced so I did that and now my car is running way worse than it was before. It's making a loud noise in the engine and my rpm's are high. I also noticed the the gas gauge had jumped back the other way after the work was done also. I have hesitation when I accelerate and I can't go over 60 mph. When I'm going 35 mph my rpms are at 2500, I never had any other issue with my car until they did my sensors. I took it back to the shop and now they are telling me I need catalytic convertors. I don't smell any sulfur or anything. Mind you my car was fine before the O2 sensors. Could the catalytic converters be the issue??? Thank you

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Were the new sensors OEM? A lot of vehicles don't take well at all to aftermarket sensors. I learned this the hard way on my own car which threw all kinds of bogus codes and led me down a seemingly endless maze of issues that turned out to all be because I had installed an aftermarket upstream O2 sensor.