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Poor AC performance


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 I have a 2014 Equinox 4cyl it had a damaged condenser and cooling fan I recently changed both parts and added freon I realized the ac would only blow really cold when I drive the suv but coming to a stop it wouldnt blow as cold I checked the pressure with a gaugue and seems like it builds pressure today I released alot of it out to almost low added more freon an it got cold again as it was stopped and I drove it to my house from work wich was like 15 min it stayed cold but once I decided to go back  to work I turned it back on an it didn't blow cold  not even when i was driving an I checked the line again an it was showing alot of pressure again seems to not trigger the compressor on  the car also stalls alot when the compressor wants to kick on but it doesn't  when i stop I'm confused do I need to do a vacuum/ recharged since all I did was just add freon I also don't know how long the suv didn't have ac after I bought it has no check engine light also an no codes pop up

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What are your high and low system pressures? Did you put in the correct amount of refrigerant by weight? (Hopefully you did not use refrigerant containing sealers which can plug up and damage your AC system.)

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coming to a stop it wouldnt blow as cold

cooling fans are probably malfunctioning