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Oil Catch Can on 2019 Ford Ranger


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I have a 2019 Ford ranger with the 2.3L Eco boost. The 2.3 is a gdi engine but unlike the 3.5 in the F-150, it only has gdi not gdi and port injection. I've been reading about early gen f150 motors that have problems with carbon/sludge buildup on the intake valves due to ingested oil vapor. Since there is no way for the 2.3 to keep the intake valves clean by itself, does it pay to install an oil catch can. The truck already has 31,600 miles on it so I would imagine there is already some buildup. Not sure if installing a catch can is worth it at this point and will prevent long-term carbon buildup. What do you think? 

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It will help reduce carbon buildup in GDI only engines. How much? I can't say from experience, but it will. Compare cost of the catch can to the cost of having the intake valves blasted with walnut shells to remove carbon. 

Ford is learning this the hard way. They've had these EcoBoost GDI engine technologies for at least 10 years now, and they are just now trying to solve the carbon buildup problem. It's been happening for the entire time they've built the engines. Ford will finally re-add port injection to the 2.3L EcoBoost engine in the 2023 Mustang. Toyota did the same thing years ago. They introduced the technology to the Tacoma in 2015. Just shows you that Ford's engineering and quality isn't what it used to be.