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Trailblazer Engine Ticking


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Hey Scotty, been using your advice for 6 months now and it's really paid off. However, I do have a weird issue. I have a 2009 Chevy Trailblazer LT with a Vortec straight 6 engine with 117K+ miles. The front of the engine has this mild ticking noise coming from the front of the engine by cylinder 1 once it warms up. It increases and decreases with the RPM's. I've used both ATS formula's with little to no results. I currently use the Castrol GTX Full Synthetic High Milage oil. Not sure what it could be. Any ideas Scotty? Thanks! PS. You probably know the engine it has, but if not I can send you a link to it's information 😉

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Did you check for exhaust leaks or a possible bad bearing? If it's the lifters (worst case scenario), then your motor is on its way out.

No exhaust leaks. Whole new exhaust manifold put in 2 years ago. The lifters for this engine are actually on the back right side. This ticking is behind the timing chain box and in front of the first cylinder.