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Plastic Car Door Check Straps - correct lubricant


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Hi Scotty, what is the correct lubricant for plastic car door check strap such as those on a Toyota Corolla? i've repeatedly told a dealer to stop using "petrolium" based lubricants which causes the doors to squeak and takes me an hour to clean off. What do you use?

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petroleum based stuff can degrade plastics/rubbers.

Use something silicone based which is inert.

for example, brake or dielectric grease.

You won't find a "definitive" answer.

Genuine GM Fluid 12371287 Synthetic Lubricant with Teflon
" Will not attack plastic parts "

Thanks mate!

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I specifically want to know what "mechanics" use. I have searched the interenet high and low and there is no definitive answer other than White Lithium Grease which is also petroleum based. Are there any good shop mechanics out there who can advise what they use?


TBH, I don’t know the exact answer to this. But on new cars, I can see remnants of white lithium grease on other hingers and clasps, so I conjecture that white lithium grease is the best bet. But IDK. 

how do you know it's white lithium? Because it's white?

It has the texture, consistency of white lithium grease. What else could it be?

So does mayonnaise. There loads of white lubricants out there.