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Problem with a Nissan CVT


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Hi Scotty...

I have a question but I want to first tell a story:

My daughter has a 2014 Nissan Versa Note. She told me she was noticing a "shudder" from the transmission.  A little research showed that Nissan had extended the warranty on her car's CVT due to the settlement of a law suit, so I called Nissan Customer service and was handed over to Nissan Consumer Affairs which told me to take the car to a dealer.  The dealer said the transmission needed to be replaced at a cost of $3,702.48.  Yes the warranty had been extended to 7 years, 84,000 miles.  My daughter wasn't the original owner so while she was under on the miles (82,975), the 7 years had expired on May 12, 2021 based on the car's original in service date.  I called Nissan Consumer Affairs and asked if they would do anything knowing they had a bad transmission.  I was again told the extended warranty had expired but that Nissan sometimes offered financial assistance to owners who had their cars "maintained" by a dealer.  Apparently the previous owner last had the car to a dealer in 2018.  I have helped my daughter out by doing oil changes, fluid checks, filter replacements and the occasional tire rotation so she had never taken it to a Nissan dealer.  So I was basically told tough luck.  I asked to have the issue escalated and received a call from someone higher up the next day.  That person told me there had been a thorough review of the case which I found meant they checked to see if the warranty had expired due to date or miles, whichever came first, found the date had passed and since they didn't have to do anything, they weren't going to do anything.  There was again a mention that a dealer hadn't maintained the car in recent years.  Had I thought about it at the time, I wish I had asked if the dealer had "maintained" the cabin air filter in the car.  When I replaced the cabin air filter for my daughter based on miles, I found there wasn't an old filter to remove.  I wonder if the dealer maintained that by not replacing it?

I think my experience shines light on the character of the company.  I know they won't extend a warranty forever but I think they should have done something.  I hope you continue to discourage your viewers from buying Nissan vehicles.  

Finally, the question: The dealer service adviser said they couldn't duplicate the problem, said the fluid level was correct, the quality of the fluid was good, couldn't find metal in the fluid, told me of some number I wasn't familiar with that had something to do with the fluid being good and said there were no codes.  His guess was that the belt on the CVT was slipping.  Anything we can try before having the transmission replaced that might keep the transmission going?  Thanks.


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You could try some CVT fix products but with this car, I wouldn't bother getting the transmission replaced.


Nissan is a private company who's trying to make money, they can't loose so much on each vehicle so I'm not surprised that they have rejected this claim.

Nissan redesigned this gearbox for the '15/ '16MY and even after that it still was weak. yours is a '14 so you're looking at one of the worst gearboxes ever built.

Try replacing the fluid with OEM spec, if that won't help, well... the transmission needs to be repaired.

They have weak pulleys, belts, electric components, oil pumps, hydraulic control units - either find someone who knows how to repair a Jatco CVT or sell your car.