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Pulling Left when Braking - Total Car Noob


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2017 Subaru Impreza, ~72000km, manual, no ODBII Codes. Don't know much about cars. I got new front brakes, rotors, calipers on both sides last month. I also recently put on my winter tires. Now my car pulls to the left when I let go of the wheel going down the highway and brake. 

Thoughts? I'm taking it back to the shop that did the original brake work next week. 

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If it's happening when you hit the brakes but tracks straight otherwise the brake job wasn't done properly. You didn't say where you had the work done but it seems very unlikely that the calipers would have been bad on a 5 year old car.

Thanks for your thoughts!


did this start after the brake job, or after the tire change?

I didn't notice it after the brake job! This said, braking without hands on the wheel is not something I do often. Could be the tire change, but I'm not sure how that could be the culprit. Then again, I am a total noob.

is the tire tread directional? Are they installed correctly? Is the tread in good shape, and same on both sides?

Just went out and checked - tread is the same all around, they're relatively new tires. They are directional, but the arrows are pointing the correct way on all tires. The ones that say "left" are on the left, and "right" are on the right. Tire pressure is 33psi in the front, 32psi in the back.

I'm pretty sure they were installed correctly!