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[Solved] Rattling dash in my brand new Camry


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Hey Scotty, I have a 2022 Toyota Camry LE with the 2.5 liter engine and the dash rattles at the top on certain engine RPM's, road surfaces, and is even louder at cooler temps. The dealership acts like this is not a big deal as they refuse to fix it and it is driving me crazy especially since it is new and now only has 2,200 miles on it. At this point I want to fix it myself. What do you suggest? Appreciate the channel and your commitment to the truth. Thanks!

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Well dealerships don't have much interest in doing this type of work because there isn't profit in it for them. It really depends on where the rattle is coming from; have you tried holding/pushing down a certain place to see if the rattle stops? For example the 2022 Civic had a dash rattle from where the infotainment screen is and I could actually be sure that's the place because if I put pressure with my hand on top of it the rattle sound would stop. Honda issued a service bulletin for it and they fixed it (it was because of a tiny bit of empty space between the screen and dash). So yeah record the sound and also see if you can figure out where it's coming from exactly then take it back and demand they fix it because it's under warranty.

Yes have pushed forward on driver and passenger side top towards window and the noise on the respective side stops. I have thought about fixing myself however I believe you have to get the whole front of dash apart before removing the top of dash. Looked for videos but none exist for removing top of dash. I am going to try again to push the dealer to fix. Thank you for the input.

Don't try fixing it yourself; it's under warranty and they have to fix it. And also if you try fixing it yourself they will use that as an excuse for voiding some warranty at some point. Take it to the higher up/next level if needed but they have to fix it under warranty because there's clearly some gap or something there.


This is a new vehicle, under warranty.  It has a defect.  It is the responsibility of the dealer to fix it, no excuses are acceptable.

You already have a squeaky dash, now you have to become the squeaky wheel.

@itwt - Exactly!



Never accept "they all do that" or "I can't hear it" as a defense. Have the service manager or the mechanic working on your car go out with you for a test drive.