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Would an 11' Rav4 v6 be safe to drive for first time teen. It has side airbags, abs, cruise control, backup cam, and front airbags. Would it be a great option when safety is concerned because it has good ground clearance, but is it missing vital safety advancements brand new cars have.

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if you visit the FAQ topic and open the car buying page, there's a link for crash test ratings.


Hey, I decided to compile the safety information for the 2011 Toyota RAV4


Insurance Insitute For Highway Safety - 2011 Toyota RAV4

(40mph) Moderate Overlap Crash Test 

    Overall: Good

    Structure and Safety Cage: Good

    Lowest Driver Injury Measure: Acceptable (Head, Neck)

    Dummy Kinetics and Driver Restraints during crash: Good

Small Overlap

     Not tested in 2011, 2013 recieves Poor rating

(31mph) Side Crash Test

    Overall: Good

    Structure and Safety Cage: Acceptable

    Driver Injuries, Protection: Good

Rollover Roof Strength

    Overall: Acceptable

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - 2011 Toyota RAV4

(35mph) Frontal Crash


    Passenger: ⭐☆☆☆

Side Crash

    (38.5mph) Side Barrier


            Rear Passenger:⭐☆☆

    Side Pole (represents crashing into a tree or pole): ⭐☆☆☆

Rollover Risk:

      Data: %18.5 chance of rollover during a loss of control scenario, with no tip



Adult & Child Occupant Protection:


P.S. this took forever to compile as I did it manually hope it helps

Thanks, man. This really helped.


Yes the 2011 RAV4 is a very safe car for a first time driver

i think you can install after market safety improvements like FCW. In my country, there’s a super popular option that’s “ Mobileye by Intel” 

but it doesn’t help you that much to be honest, what matters is that the car is built well and weights a lot.


Now realize that it should be safe but for 2006 standards. Newer cars are much safer. Look at the 2013 Toyota Rav4 crash ratings and you will see the horrible small overlap, and the 2012 would be much worse. Newer cars are always more safe, which is why for the same price, I'd rather be in a crash in a 2015 Corolla than that Rav4 dating back to 2006.

ESC side curtain airbags and ABS are good and all, but newer is always better. Keep in mind the design from 2006 is nearing 17 years old at this point.

Rollover risk is reduced significantly with ESC, and its a heavy vehicle so it should be farely safe but don't get into a small overlap crash on the highway that would be bad...

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Scotty says get rather 4 cylinder one at 7:58


I would say it is a safe, well built car.


They are safe and reliable cars.