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Should I buy this 2000 Honda Civic, 97k miles, $3650 or 2005 Toyota Camry, 140kmiles for $4000?


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I met with the single owner of a 2000 Honda Civic. I even bought a CarFax and the older lady owner provided a recent receipt of an oil change, new tires, alignment, etc. She did not let me drive the car and I suspect it's because of safety with being a stranger. She also said she was selling the car due to a family emergency. I want to say that I have a feeling this might be a solid deal where it's a one owner car, older lady didn't drive it like crazy, in a predicament where she needs hard cash, and she's selective of who to show the car to. I asked her to test drive it while I sat in the passenger seat and she agreed. The car started up fine, maybe even faster than my 2015 Kia Rio! No check engine lights, signals work, windshield wiper works, no accidents, paint peeling, A/C running cold, aftermarket Bluetooth radio, no knocking sounds, no overheating. 


I also talked to a college student who has a 2005 Toyota Camry 140k miles and they're asking for $4000. Paint isn't peeling and it looks nice; she's had it for 4 years so I think that's a solid amount of years to demonstrate that it was reliable. I have yet to test drive it but I am certain I can try to make that happen. Any thoughts?

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Get the Honda and do not believe the Carfax or the lady about anything.  The 2002-2005 Camrys have a problem with stripped head bolts and blown head gaskets.

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I forgot to mention, $4000 (negotiable) for a 2008 Honda Fit with 180k miles. This offer I feel least likely because they've only have the car for about a year and a half. Apparently they commute about 60miles round trip every day. The owner also reported maybe needing a new battery or serpentine belt in the next year but who knows? Have yet to test drive and have a mechanic see the car.