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Should I buy a 2001 Honda Accord?


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So after months of searching for a 4runner, ones that are decent just cost way too much. So I give up. I'm now looking at this 2001 Honda Accord that someone is selling. It's $2000 ($1800 could be negotiable they claim), and has 170,000 miles on it. But the check engine light is on due to an exhaust leak. Thoughts? 

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The car is 21 years old going on 22 and has a lot of miles on it. The check engine light could be on for a lot of reasons other than an exhaust leak, including problems that will cost many $$$$ to repair. Rust is also major concern unless it's spent its life in the desert. If you're serious about it you need a good mechanic to do a thorough pre-purchase inspection to get to the bottom of the CEL issue and look for other problems. (I wouldn't buy a car with the check engine light on myself.)


I drive a 1999 Accord with 275K miles.  I’ve been driving it for 20+ years. I know the maintenance history. I know the repair history. I know the driving history. So I am comfortable using it as my daily driver and even on long distance drives. 

But it is hard for me to recommend a 20+ year old car. Yes, Accords and Honda can last for ever, if they are taken care of. 

My only concern with that generation Accord you are looking at is the automatic transmission. I would pass if it was automatic. They were known to go bad. If it is manual, maybe.  And I say maybe to tread with caution. 

The other thing to be cautious of is the timing belt. If it has never been changed, it probably needs to be, and chancing the timing belt costs $.

If you know what you are doing it might be a worthy buy. But if you don’t, you may be better off looking for something a little newer and without any problems.