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Third Party Safety Add-Ons


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Hi Scotty,

I love to watch your videos! My question is, would third party safety add-ons, including blind spot monitoring, added to my 2017 Honda Civic. (LX, automatic, with 45,000 miles), work as well as the safety features that come equipped on a new Civic Touring?


Jim Crane

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Here's your best aftermarket blind spot monitoring system:

This doesn't help you when reversing out of tight spots in a parking lot. These monitoring systems really come into their own in these situations.

Somehow I've managed driving for the last 50 years without electronic blind spot systems, I think I'll be able to make do without them until the end of the line. (It's likely I'll never own a car new enough to come with such a system from the factory.)

yup, and people drove a long time without seatbelts. We shouldn't be afraid to admit shortcomings, like visibility in crowded parking lots.


That depends which ones you're talking about. I bet there's a lot of them out there, ranging in quality and performance.