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Thoughts on Ford Explorer Sport Tracks


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I have a 2007 Sport Track (V8, 4x4) with about 184000 miles. I haven't found a video of yours with your review of the truck series. If I overlooked the video, will you give us an updated review?


I am a former military aviation mechanic and began working on both of my vehicles last year. After seeing your videos, I am more motivated to take better care of them. Since then I have changed my own oil, changed the shocks in my 09 Corolla, and look to the challenge of things that wear over time. I am curious as to what maintenance issues I should be "on the lookout for" or what may be the killer of my Sport Track. 


I purchased it in 2016 and use full synthetic when I change the oil - just saw your video on 505 CRO, should I use this at any point?

I have never done anything with the transmission or fluid, should I watch out for something?

Also, should I watch out for something on my 09 Corolla transmission?


Thanks in Advance for helping me keep these things running so that my wife does not get the idea that we "need" a new vehicle because our truck and car are

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The transmission fluid and filter should have been changed at about every 30-50K miles.