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Thoughts on mazda 3 skyactiv X


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I tested the corolla hybrid and even i found it really nice in many aspects it didn’t convince me.

i missed the manual gearbox a lot.

Now im looking the mazda 3 skyactiv X.

2.0 176hp naturally aspirated manual gearbox and everyone reports great fuel economy even in city.

i drive a lot in the city and also highway and besides that i love how this mazda looks. Im gonna test it too.

Anybody here with any experience or thoughts?

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It can be a decent car. You want to buy brand new, correct?

Or maybe very little used with 30-50k km

The new Mazda cars are good ones and you get one with manual transmission which is much better than automatic in terms of reliability and it is fun to drive

This is what i also see. They seem to do great job the recent years.
The skyactiv X is less time out than the G but so far no complaints at all.


2.0 176hp naturally aspirated

No such thing exits! That car is SUPERCHARGED and has a compression ratio of over 16:1.

I don't know if they blow up like the G-Turbo but with a supercharger and 16.3:1 - they probably will!


If you want a Mazda, get a SkyActive-G NON-turbo, NON-cylinder deactivated.


You're welcome to visit NHTSA and look at the complaints filed on the new Mazda 3's engine,

These 'prime examples of modern engineering' burn a quart of oil every 1k miles even when new. 🤣 


A v o i d  if you value your money.

I found this article by top gear explains their function.

I never heard any problem since their release back in 2018-2019 (at least in Europe)

Did you have any bad experience?

The function of a supercharger is to ram more mixture to compress into an engine that already has ridiculous compression.
Complaints have only began to pour in, It is a developing story:
(see the complaints for yourself under "Recalls & Safety Issues", click "Complaints" and choose "Engine")
I do not know how major that issue is going to be, but so far it does not sound minor.

Man… that gets me back to corolla cause i don’t wanna end up with a 1.3 engine to have good fuel consumption

Thanks for the helpful comments Dan


My coworker has one, he likes it and gets great mpg. It isnt a race car and isnt all that fancy inside, but for a city car it'll be nice and easy to drive too. Manual is always more fun IMO. I say go for it. Just get the right engine option stated above

You’re talking about the mazda right?


SkyActive-G or SkyActive-X, what displacement?
The discussion is mostly around wether the new supercharged SkyActive-X holds up.