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Toyota RAV4 Hybrid class action suit over corroded cable issue, in Canada


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I Scotty,

Did you know there's a problem with corrosion on the high voltage cable on the 2019-2021 Toyota Hybrid? I think it's more of a Canadian problem because of the winters here.

There's a class action suit here in Canada, because Toyota doesn't want to change the cable under the 8-year/160,000 km hybrid component warranty.

The cost of the repair? Upwards of $7,000 canadian. 

Here's the link to one of the articles.


Personally, I have a Corolla 2020 SE with the 2 liter engine, so no problems for me! LoL  


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This is not on topic of the RAV4 hybrid high-voltage cable, but it has to do with your comment about the Corolla.

so I'll just add it as a comment.

The Corolla is not free of design defects either:
Warm up your car - water condenses in the crankcase and causes oil to turn into a "milky substance" 
(because of:
And fuel with quality fuel - Toyota EGR systems are notoriously weak so they blow up.
(because of: )

In both cases Toyota policy is NOT to cover damage or remedy issues under warranty.

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Yes, thanks for sharing. I know all about that. And sometimes they're even trying to say well that's not covered under the warranty. We covered the drivetrain but we don't cover the cable. BS like that happens here too.


From what I hear, it is a stupid design, because they flipped the way the cable connects, which allows water to pool and corrode.