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Truck transmission blues.


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Dear Scotty,  I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 3.5 4x4.  I lost the transmission entirely and it quit working.  A recommended local transmission shop "rebuilt" it for 3700. dollars.  When I picked it up, he told me he does not replace the solenoid board.  It's this large plastic part that he said costs $1000.  So why not?  Is this common?  Transmission still shutters like going over rumble strips on a highway. He also said he replaced the torque converter but some say that's what's making the noise.  What gives?

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Posted by: @paulie

What gives?

They did a lousy job. Modern automatic transmissions are extremely complex and difficult to rebuild properly. A significant percentage are not done right. In general a replacement factory remanufactured transmission is preferable to a local rebuild of your existing unit.


Hardly anyone knows these days how to rebuild a transmission properly.  I am not surprised.


never get a transmission rebuild. Always get a fully remanufactured, tested and warrantied unit.