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[Solved] What's a normal charge of an alternator?


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Hey uncle Scotty! What's a normal alternator charging volts when checking the battery? I've seen ChrisFix say 14.2 to 14.6 or 8 I think. Because mine with all accessories on, it's 13.6v when checking through a digital voltmeter on the battery terminals.

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the actual charge in varies all the time top charging voltage is a little over 14 but when you turn on all the accessories on most vehicles 13.6 is totally fine

Thank you uncle Scotty!


For a functioning alternator, a usual range is 13.5V to 14.5V, ideally 13.8V to 14.2V.  But with accessories running it will be a little lower than that of course.

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Scotty answers your question @ 6:50. I agree with his conclusion, however he got an important fact wrong.

Nominal voltage of a lead-acid electrochemical cell is exactly 2.10V. So nominal voltage of a car battery with 6 cells would be 12.6V, not 13.2V as stated in the video. I have never seen a battery at rest measure more than 12.8V.