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[Solved] Car's AC's fuse


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Hey uncle Scotty! My AC's fuse keeps getting hot and it melts the plastic of the fuse, but it doesn't pops the fuse, the wire gets hot too. What could cause this? And what to do?


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Ah the fun of repairing electrical shorts somewhere you either have a loose wire or a worn part like the AC clutch or the blower motor or the blower relay something is creating too much heat which then melts the fuse you have to trace the entire system on that one but for my experience it's often the compressor AC clutch starting to wear out

Thanks uncle Scotty! I appreciate this. Will check the AC clutch too!


Another thing to check might be for corrosion in the fuse block creating high resistance, which of course will create heat. I had this problem on a '71 Ambassador and it was due to excess resistance in the fuse block. (I wired around it with an inline fuse to fix the problem.)

Thank you! Appreciate it. Will check that too!