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2008 Dodge Caliber Windshield wipers are pausing


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My car's windshield wipers are pausing when in use. They will stop while in action and "sputter." After a few hours, they will work fine again.

I had this same issue about three years ago (the wipers pause, but later, work fine) and took the car to a mechanic. Back then, they said they ran the wipers for 30 minutes and never saw any problems. A few days afterwards, the problem happened, and I returned the car to the mechanic. They replaced the motor involved with the wipers.

Fast forward to today, and it's happening again. Any thoughts on what the problem is? Maybe a fuse or TIPM? 2008 Dodge Caliber

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With three years in between problems I would suspect another bad motor but check the plug and wiring supplying the motor for being loose or corroded first. I seriously doubt a TPMI or fuse related issue would clear up for that amount of time.

I appreciate the response!


No prob. I hope it helps.

Still working on the problem. The motor doesn't show any signs of problems. What would be the next place to check?


The windshield wiper linkage or transmission that connects the motor to the wiper blades might be binding up. You could try looking and listening for something like that. If it happens constantly you could try disconnecting the linkage from the motor and see if the shaft spins free. Maybe spraying some WD-40 silicone lubricant on the moving parts of the linkage will help. I would use silicone because I think there are rubber bushings.

The motor could have problems even if it looks OK.


Have you seen this?