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[Solved] Worsening Knocking 5 Months After Repairs


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Hey, Scotty. I've got an 06 Accord LX coupe with a 2.4liter 4 cylinder engine, automatic transmission and 161k miles on it. I'm an Uber driver in Los Angeles so I do a lot of stop go and a lot of turns. Back in late December I understeered on a freeway ramp connecting two freeways, goin about 60 mph, in the rain. My front left wheel hit the curb real bad. The brake assembly came clean off. The left steering knuckle, front left rim, brake line hose, speed sensor, front left control arm, front left strut, and more had to be replaced for about $2k in repairs. 5 months later my car has been running smooth until last night. It started with a knocking sound on right turns but today its knocking on every turn and on bumps. I took it back to the same guy since he saw the original damage. He says the knocking is from my front right axle which has significant play, so he wants to replace the front right axle and left and right stabilizers. He's charging $512 for this repair. He's very nice and shows me the work he's done, but I'm still not completely convinced I can trust him. Whats your diagnosis on the car, and do you think these rates are appropriate/trustworthy? Do you think I'm looking at an endless money pit or can this car be saved?

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What you've described is exactly the symptoms of a bad CV joint/axle. CV joints go bad all on their own, especially after 15 years and 161 k miles, plus sometimes damage takes a good while to show up (like in my knees).

If you are still not sure, ask him to show you the one he removes (something that many states require if the owner requests it).  You will be able to feel how there is looseness it   that causes the knocking.



This guy sounds like he's doing right by you.  Getting out of the shop for $500 should be considered the victory of the decade.


axle would have been my first guess too.

If you walk out of shop for $500 you're laughing.

16 year old car .... 160k ... yeah you're gonna see stuff start to wear out. If you can afford to replace the vehicle then sure go for it. You can probably still get a few grand for it.