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In southern Maine and question about electric steering racks.


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I drive a 2011 Ford Fusion 2.5L not a hybrid. Recently my power steering rack threw a constant dash message saying “service power steering now”. I can manually steer the car but have no power steering at all. Ford recently had a lawsuit against them which would’ve made it to where it would have to be recalled but they won it (on a claim it hasn’t caused any accidents) instead and just extended the warranty to 150,000 miles. My power steering rack went out at 151,000 miles go figure. I don’t feel like paying Ford $1850 to get the rack replaced when they knew the stupid racks had faulty wiring in them. What’s a normal quote if I went after an aftermarket rack instead of the shitty OEM Ford one?

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Posted by: @mattmaker213

What’s a normal quote

In your shoes I would get on the phone with my local mechanics to see what it's going to cost you.


AutoZone sells a reman unit #64393E with a limited lifetime warranty for $675. It also requires a programmable module installation.