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Car shakes when I turn on the A/C while on park.


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Hi all, I got a 2012 Toyota Camry with +80K miles on it.  I’ve been having this situation where when I turn on my car, just leave it on park, turn on the A/C on and all of a sudden my car shakes while the A/C is on. The car drives fine with the A/C on but when I park my car while the A/C is on, that is when it starts to shake. Need help finding out if their is something wrong with the A/C or something that May be causing the car to shake. 

has a new transmission, and new engine. 

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The car's computer is supposed to compensate for the compressor load by raising the idle a little when the ac is turned on.  The car needs to be scanned to find out why it's not compensating properly.