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I KO’d my 05 ford f...
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I KO’d my 05 ford freestar now it won’t start


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Yesterday my CD player in my mini van was skipping so I got mad and beat it utterly senseless with a my van won't start..what could be the issue...I don't was radio I beat



Maybe your car got mad at you. I Dont Know


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You probably knocked a connection lose in the dash. Now you get to pull the whole thing apart and play with the wiring until you find the issue.

Anger Management would benefit you my guy. Seriously, look into it. Getting mad to the point of beating your radio with a hammer is not good for you.


Probably had to many stray sparks burnt through a wiring harness when you welded your front rims onto the lugs. Please buy a bicycle. 

JB weld is an epoxy adhesive, but you're still right... never buy a car that has been owned by this person.

Ok, I really have to go catch up on sleep. All I caught was welded lugs on the other post. Laughing Out Loud

I'm pretty sure his wheel studs are long gone. It sounds like he simply glued his rim directly to the hub!


I feel ya man. I often get the urge to hurt computers.


I suggest you buy your Freestar some premium gas, give it a wash and wax, say nice things to it, and maybe it will forgive you.

Don’t forget the flowers..


Hahahaha just spat out my dinner..

Whoever changed this thread title to what it is now.......wins the internet for this morning. I laughed out loud.

Loll that’d be yours truly..


Another reason why you shouldn't have a licence.


Hold on, this is the same guy that glued his wheels on? I have to try real hard not to be rude when I read things like: "What are those little sticks in the door for?" or "how come my 45 year old brakes don't work?" These people own and operate cars?


I have to think some people post weird stuff just to see what Scotty may respond with. It's better than realizing yes, there are people like this who own and operate cars. Reminds me when I was young and poor I bought a Pontiac Wagon for 100 bucks. It ran, had good inspection sticker. Brakes and safe tires. However you could only drive about 10 miles at a stretch. It was so sludged up the oil couldn't drain fast enough and would buildup in the valvetrain, eventually leaving the pan dry So you have to pull over and cut it off for 5 mins let it all drain back into the pan. My Wife had been hit in my Mustang and took about 6 months to settle with insurance. It lasted long enough to get the money and another car. I took it to a parking lot then and decided to donut it to death. Took about 15 seconds of full throttle to spin a bearing. Sent it to junkyard for what I paid for it with a big hole in the block. Smile

Now THAT’S what I call a sendoff!


If they had a vehicle version of child protective services, I would report you and confiscate that poor van. You don't deserve such an awesome vehicle. Please also NEVER buy a Toyota of any type, and get yourself some anger management.