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Stalling, running erratically


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Scotty my ECM went on my '82 Celica and I can't find another one anywhere. Was running great until then.  Had a mechanic tell me that's what the stalling and erratic running was caused by.  It's all original with 200k and been in the family since new so I want to get it back to running the great way it was.  Thanks.  Bill in Wakefield  RI (a 'Nam combat vet).


1982 Toyota Celica GT 22R with carburetor Engine

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I'm not real familiar with that model but at least on some 1980s American vehicles with feedback carbs (like AMC Concord and Eagle, and period Jeeps) it's pretty easy to retrofit a non-feedback carb and bypass the crude ECM. Webers are popular for that purpose.

Back then electronic controls weren't really integral to the engine's basic operation so maybe you can do something like that, at least if you live in an area that doesn't emission-test cars that old.

Thanks for the response Chuck. I have considered the Weber set up and my wind up going that route. There is a company in PA that rebuilds ECMs. My other problem is that when I view photos of what is supposedly the ECM for my year/model/VIN I am unable to find that same 'box' in my engine so I'm not even sure where it's mounted. There is a blue plastic fuse holder with some other wires going into it at the kick panel driver's door. That box doesn't match up with any photos from Ebay etc. I talked to a couple of mechanics and they don't seem eager to get involved with it. So I'll see if I can find a mechanic who wants to do the Weber replacement set up.

Not sure about your Toyota but on 1980s AMC products the ECM is behind the front passenger-side kick panel. Could be hidden somewhere in your passenger compartment.