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1995 Lexus ES300


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Hello, I am your biggest fan and my name is Nancy. I have a 95 Lexus GS300 with only 80k miles on it...with no ck eng lights. The ETC/Power button near the gear shifter light comes on when I didnt even press the button for it to come on and I see it on the dashboard illuminating when it is ON) So I figure it needed replaced. The part itself has been discontinued; however I found it in a junk yard but that part/ switch seems almost embedded into the gear shifter hard plastic base. Can I just unplug it ? I dont utilize it and wont ever need it anyway. 

When the light/button does come on...on its very seems to rev the rpms at approx 60mph but not all the time. That never happens when the light is out and it does not show to be ON from the dash area. 

Thanks for any help you can offer. Im very appreciative. 



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If you don't use it, you can disconnect it.