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Lincoln Corsair opinions


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Thinking of getting a Lincoln Corsair. Is it a good long-term car? Looking for something reliable and something that will not break the bank doing the maintenance. Thank you.



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Lincoln quality has not been great especially the past few years.  Not sure what you mean by long term, but I don’t recommend owning it beyond the warranty period.  If you must have the vehicle, it is better to lease it.


No, these new complicated expensive luxury Fords are rated as one of the least reliable cars by Consumer Reports. But since no body trusts CR around here, and you should take all reliability data with grains of salt (for the most part), let me just say modern Fords have zero reputation for quality control and reliability. If you are even asking about longterm reliability, forget about it. Have you considered an SUV/crossover from the Lexus line up?

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Thank you for the response. I have looked into Lexus, but the interior of the 40k SUVs does not convince me. Oh wells. Maybe a lease for Lincoln then.

Lease sounds more promising