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1997 Dodge Stratus sitting since Feb 2020


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My great-grandma’s 1997 Dodge Stratus 89300 miles has been sitting since February of 2020.

Has not been started and has not even moved since. My great-grandma quit driving so no one has driven the car

It has been sitting outside the whole time in a climate where it gets cold in the winter.

At the beginning of August, I jump-started the Stratus there were spider webs underneath the hood.

I checked the oil before I crank the car and it was at a good level 

front passenger tire sunk into the concrete and was flat. 

I aired up all the tires to the proper pressure. 

Also, the stratus had a full tank of two-year-old gas. 

I took the stratus on a 50-mile road test the only problem was electrical problems.

Every time I turned the headlights on or rolled down the window the car would try to stall and the radio would go blank and the gauge cluster would go dead what was the problem? 

but surprisingly the battery started the car again after being dead for two years. 


But my questions are what should I do to store the car permanently and what are all those electrical problems. What could be hidden damage for having a car sitting outside for 2 years without moving or started?




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I would start with load test the battery and alternator. Most likely, you need a new battery.  


Why would you want to store the car permanently?

My initial thought, too..

Great minds think alike. @itwt and @mmj


Then just sell it.  What good is it to you?

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My great grandma does not drive anymore