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1998 Porsche Boxster for 7.5k?


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Looking at a 1998 Porsche Boxster for 7.5k. It has 65k miles, clean carfax, and a manual transmission. I would be using it to drive to and from school and road trips during the summer.

1. Are these cars reliable?

2. What are some alternatives to this car?


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Not a smart idea. It cost you a fortune to repair anything on that car. Get a Miata if you want a roadster. 

I second that idea - Porsche's are fine cars, but for 7500 you could get a very nice, very dependable Miata that won't burn up your budget or leave you stranded. Or get a nice Nissan 300z, Toyota/Subaru/Scion 86 or the like.


The IMS bearing in those engines is a time bomb waiting to explode on you.


Please don't.

If I had a dollar for everyone who brought me in a "cheap Porsche" that "just needs a few things", I'd be rolling in cash. Literally.

Parts for those cars are extremely expensive. Some will run you much more than you're looking to pay for the whole car. Not to mention the Boxster wasn't/isn't really all that great. Cool I guess, but not great. Everyone knows you only buy one because you can't afford a 911. 

Get a Miata. Dependable and with your budget, you can get a pretty nice one. Save yourself tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. 


Nothing is more expensive than a cheap Porsche.


You are referring to the 986 Boxster (1996-2004).  Click on link below and scroll down to issues:  if those have not been addressed by the previous owner(s), then forget it!


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