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How to fix my 2002 outback?


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I got this outback with 140k miles. It was sitting for 4 years after the timing belt skipped a tooth and the valves bent. I replaced all 16 valves as well as the head gaskets and timing belt. the car turns over and sometimes will try to start. With the key on off the ac fans run constant and don't turn off. At KOEO the ac fans turn off but there is a constant clicking sound near the bell housing and the check engine light doesn't turn on and the obd port doesn't give any power. Sometimes the check engine light will turn on and when it does the car will almost start and the fans won't turn on when I turn the ignition off. I'm thinking the ecm but could it be the ground or power connection? I check the ground and it looks okay to me.

Also when it started it idled really hard and threw code for starter switch if that helps

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Ended up being a secondary ground on top of the intake manifold near the coil that I had not tightened down. now it runs great


If I were you I would have had the head and the block check because a lot of times they had a block will also get cracked when that happens and of course then it will never start again. But if not that make sure the valves are adjusted correctly if not adjusted correctly it will also not start

Ok. One of the valves had been sucked so I did notice some damage on the piston and on the head. When I had the heads machines the guy welded up the damage on the head. I sanded down a dent in the head and sprayed some brake cleaner on it to see if I saw any cracks show up and didn’t see any. It is possible I adjusted the valves wrong. I will have to try adjusting them again