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2003 ram2500 code P0301


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i have a 2003 ram 2500 hemi 5.7. I just got the truck recently and have slowly been fixing a lot of [expletives deleted] that has been don’t to it. Current issue is code P0301, i changed the spark plugs, speak plug wires, Crank Shaft Positioning sensor, and coils. i noticed the positioning sensor had some wire redone for som reason which i plan to revers anyways. I am still getting code P0301. i scoped the cylinder and asides from some build up i did not see anything. I need some help troubleshooting this. i have a bluedrive scanner, is there anything i should look for? all the new spark plugs are NGK iridium spark plugs and wires and the coils are ENA coil packs. I also recently changed the complete intake manifold with throttle body. the code was president since i purchased the truck it did go away on its one one time and came back three days later.

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