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What is a fair price to pay for these cars ?


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Hi Scotty,

I'm a student here in Blacksburg, VA and pretty tight on budget. I'm planning to buy a SUV under 150k miles.

I have seen many of your videos on theae cars but they are 3-4 years old. So wanted a latest thoughts on it.

My preferences are:

a.) 2011 Toyota Highlander

b.) 2011 or 2007 Honda Pilot

What should I expect to pay for them ?

I'm open to other suv suggestions. Please mention the model, year and price range also how many miles can I put on it after purchase.

Maximum I can spend is $9500 including small repairing expenses after purchase. I would be happy if I can save as much as possible on maintenance every year.

I'm looking for something that will last me long and reliable.

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Best thing to do is to look for comps in your area. Look how much dealers are selling used ones. Look how much used car lots are selling them. And look for how much private sales are going for. 

Also look at Kelly Blue Book for the range. 

This will give you a guesstimate. 

And remember, most of the prices you see will be the asking price. The actual transaction price could be lower if you know how to wheel and deal. Or it could be higher, if the seller wheel and deals you. 


do you really need such a huge SUV?

SUV's are in higher demand than sedans. If I was on a budget I'd be looking at Corollas, Camrys, or maybe RAV4

$9500 doesn't get you very far with SUVs

I'm 6'7" guy. So, that's the main reason for a SUV. I'm open to Rav4 but I don't think that will be something under 9.5k, right ?

I don't know. You'll have to see what's available around you, but RAV4s costs $10k less than Highlanders new.