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2003 Tahoe Struggles Accelerating


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I got a 2003 Chevy Tahoe with 130k. I never changed the differential fluid until the other day. A day after it was changed, it started to have trouble coasting. I was going about 25-30 MPH, I took my foot off the gas and it had trouble coasting. When I put it in drive, it hesitates to move unless I give it gas. What could be wrong?

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I think Scotty is a little confused.

Jack up the vehicle.

Turn each wheel by hand, feeling for resistance.

It's going to be a stuck brake, demolished bearings, or something like that.

Or ujoint


Well, if the fluid had never been changed you should have left it alone. Changing it at that mileage that old and dirty can often cause problems. If you have saved the old oil I would advise draining it out and put in the old oil back in


Are you talking about the differential fluid or the transmission fluid?  Two completely different things.