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2004 Chevy sliverado evap


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  1. Hi Scotty, I have a 2004 Chevy Silverado extended cab got it code P0446 talking about the eve app system. I have changed the purge valve, solenoid canister  and I’ve also changed the charcoal canister, but the check engine light stays on. Is there anything Im missing, the check engine light is still on.Is it  something that has  to be reset by the dealer,how can I even be sure the problem is even fixed. If you can help out I’d really appreciate it. 
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  • Well do you have system has a test port and I would advise putting the smoke machine on that and seeing if there's a leak somewhere it can link anywhere from the gas tank all the way to the front of the vehicle. There's many lines that can get leaks on them. And realize even a loose gas cap are gas cap with a bad gasket can do it