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Midsize or crossover SUV for somebody of size.


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Hello, I’m looking for a new vehicle. I’m a person of size so I’m looking for something comfortable something like the Subaru Outback or Forester or the Hyundai Santa Fe or Tucson. I was looking at the hybrid models for the Hyundai cars. I have already tried the RAV4 and CRV and they were not comfortable for me. I didn’t want to upgrade to a three row SUV. As for my personal preference, I like things about each make of car for the Subaru I like the reliable, AWD engine, and then it’s generally considered a better reliable car if you’re going to get an all-wheel-drive car, which is a necessity as I live in Northern Minnesota. And for the Hyundai, I like the miles per gallon in the general comfort level and feel of driving these cars the hybrid models come AWD included. Or is there a make or model of car that I haven’t thought of for someone of a larger size that will be comfortable. Thanks for any help you could provide.

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It would be best to stay away from Hyundai/Kia vehicles. See our extensive topic on the company's products for details.


If you want hybrid, Toyota for sure.  They have 25 years of good history to show for it.  Maybe Honda, but that’s more on reputation, because their current hybrid technology is relatively new.

If you dislike the RAV4 or CRV, the Subaru may be a good choice. Also consider the Toyota Venza Hybrid. It’s more comfortable than a RAV4 and CRV.

I wouldn’t but a Hyundai for reliability. If you want all the bells and whistles, they offer a lot.  It not much in terms of reliability. 


Have you looked at the Honda passport


Outback would probably be ok. Otherwise I’d probably not waste much time with Subaru; they’re not generally too roomy. 
You could take a look at the Honda Passport. And the Grand Cherokee is plenty roomy for a larger person. 

I'm surprised to see somebody recommending a Fiat Jeep Chrysler product on this forum


I’m 6’1 330lbs and I am very comfortable in my 2009 Toyota Matrix. I would recommend trying maybe a AWD Camry Hybrid if you want a hybrid. 


Look at the Kia Sorento with 2.5L GDI AWD. I traded in a 2011 SantaFe  for a 2021 Sorento S trim new. Despite the bad press it's running great after three years(took delivery in December of 2020). Don't get the dual clutch transmission or the turbo. I visited the dealer a month ago and they have piles of blown turbo engine blocks and dual clutch transmissions but the GDI and conventional 8 speeds are holding up. Don't touch any electric or hybrid. It's just too new and untested  technology.

Subaru is OK but they are a little pricey for what your getting. The dealers around here are marking up them 10k above MSRP and people are buying them so they have no incentive to lower the prices. They are a little cramped and low to the ground for my taste. They have a good reputation.

Hyundai shares the same drive trains as Kia but they missed the boat on styling and interior layout. I need a car not a spaceship. Plus the dealers have been bought by the cartels who gouge in my area.  I don't buy cars but once every 10 years but I see the prices and they are out of their minds. But like Subaru people are paying so what incentive do the dealers have other than do what they have been doing.

If you have the money Honda and Toyota are considered the ultimate in reliability but you pay for it. Personally I get sick of a car after ten years. I don't want a car that lasts 20 or thirty years. By that time gas won't be available any more as a fuel anyway

All the dealers are making record profits so don't be afraid to haggle and walk if necessary. Do your research. Good luck.

Alternate viewpoints are welcome.


Try a Toyota Venza or Highlander Hybrid. You would be happy with either one.