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2004 Corolla Cluster Issues


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I just had the engine replaced in my 2004 Corolla due to rod knock. The car is running fine, but now the instrument cluster isn't working properly. The speedometer is stuck at 0 and the odometer hasn't changed miles since I got it back from the mechanic. The shop changed the speed sensor, but that didn't do the trick. I've since gone through with a multimeter and the wiring diagram to check the wires and fuses that even remotely connect to the instrument panel, and everything has continuity, so they didn't break any wires or blow any fuses. All the other gauges are working fine. I'm going to try and find a salvage yard to pull another cluster from and see if that is the issue somehow, but the instruments were working perfectly before I took the car to the mechanic. Any advice?

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Take it back to the mechanic so they can properly fix it.  Something was not correctly re-connected.