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2004 Toyota Sienna with 284k miles


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Not a question, just had to share this!

End of August I saw a 2004 sienna at an auction in a SMALL town in Indiana where my aunt lives. I told her to watch it and if the AC works and sounds decent to bid on it. She wont it for $1,600! We drove from Houston, Tx to Indiana to pick it up and bring it home (1,000 miles!). 
Got there and it had a gasket leak (valve cover? Manifold gasket? Not sure but it was on top and leaking oil there so hubby changed that out. Which was not easy in a small town, no one had the parts! Took a few days to get the parts in but we got it. Timing belt was last changed at 95k (Now has 284k!! yikes), we had NO time to change timing belt so they fixed the oil leak, changed the fluids, button it up and decided to drive home. Drove 15hrs home (didnt push it, did at speed or below, just easy going)
Got home and gave the van to my mom. We planned to change the timing belt as soon as we got home but my sons Ford is stuck (still) in Eco-Mode in my drive way (LOL) So told her to just take it easy (she only drives to the store and back, maybe 10 miles a week)
She went to a family get together and the van was acting very weird, no power when she pressed on the gas so we went to rescue her and son drove it home (barely). We knew exactly what it was! The timing belt!! They boys got started on it right away, belt had cracks all through-out and it had skipped timing! (that's why it was running rough with no power). They just got the new timing belt (and water pump) put on and that van runs as good as the day it was made! Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!! <3 

And we know we should have changed timing belt in Indiana but we risked it because hubby needed to get back to work, it was better to risk having to leave it on the side  of the road than take more time off from work. He had to take off to drive the van while I drove our other van (2017 toyota sienna) home. It all worked out! Toyotas are amazing.

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Oh interesting story. But it shouldn't be an interference engine so even if the timing belt broke it wouldn't have damaged anything