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Tire pressure monitor


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  • I use to do tires when I was younger, but was wondering about the TPM's. If I wanted to change the sensor in the tire and was able to get a new sensor that weighs the same and just change it myself and have a shop program it could I? I know people in the business and can get an old sensor to weigh and they'll program it for me. Just wondering if I could get away from having a shop do it. If the sensor weighs the same it won't throw off the balance and it's not a problem breaking the bead without a tire machine. I have a compressor to reseat the bead. I've been asked from several people wondering if I could do it for them. Thanks 
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Well if you use the same exact sensor it would weigh the same. But if used aftermarket sensors it probably wouldn't. If you take your old sensor off and have a scale like a postal scale way and see if they weigh the same