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2005 Acura MDX power steering issues


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Hey Scotty,

i have a 2005 Acura MDX w/270000 km on it I bought for $5000 a few years ago (greetings from the great white north!). Recently my power steering started to make a terrible noise, after checking the power steering pump and lines, i discovered a leak in one of the high pressure lines on the PS rack itself. After checking prices of racks and the ridiculous process to change the rack, i got a few quotes from a few shops; suffice to say they want about $2k for the rack and replacement. Should i just JB weld the crack and keep driving until it fails? Not really interested in putting more money into this thing. 




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I doubt JB weld would hold I would just get rid of the vehicle myself

Thanks Scotty, really appreciate your advice and work you do on Youtube! Its difficult to find honest opinions anymore, cheers!