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09 mitsubishi lancer sportback gts bouncing rpm


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Hi Scotty, I have a 09 lancer sportback with the 2.4L 4 cyl mivech engine and a 5 speed standard transmission 212000km. I  having an issue with my rpm bouncing from 850 rpm down to the point it almost stalls and the  back up over and over again. Not throwing any codes. Here's the kicker, it only happens it the morning after about 10min of city driving and stops after about 10min. Also it won't happen if it's below 0 degrees celcius. It's been to my local mechanic in Winnipeg twice and they can't get it to repeat the issue but happens almost every morning on my drive to work. Please help.


David Strachan 

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Sure sounds like it has a vacuum like somewhere try my video finding engine vacuum likes with a cigar