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[Solved] 2013 Corolla Ride Comfort Question


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Hey Scotty and friends,

I have a 2013 Toyota Corolla S. This past weekend we took a trip and I drove my wife's 2013 Honda Civic EX and it was way smoother over bumps in the road and quieter. When I bought the Corolla a year ago I got it checked out by a trusted mechanic and he said everything looked good, but the ride was always a bit jerky over bumps. However, the place I bought it from had put new tires on as a point they tried to sell me on, but I looked them up and they were about the cheapest tires they could be. From anyone who has driven both Corollas and Civivs, is the ride comfort difference just the car models themselves being that the S model is a bit more sporty so possibly a harder suspension, could it need suspension work if it's driving that hard, or could it just be the crappy tires making that much of a difference?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

2 Answers

Generally it's a combination because the civics are relatively hard rides too and then that's a little stiffer than a normal but it's a combination of suspension tires all kinds of things


Invest in a set of 4 good tyres.

For a ride comfort requirement, I recommend Michelin.