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Can I buy aftermarket brakes


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Hello guys I have a question on buying brakes for my 2015 Volvo S 60 I would like to know if I can buy aftermarket brakes or I have to buy original brakes and rotors

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Yes, you can

A lot of people are telling me that for Volvos you have to buy only original that’s why I want to make sure before I spend my money

I see many aftermarket pads and rotors that will fit your vehicle. Why do they say you have to use OEM?

Because I brought my car to my mechanic in my area and I asked him the same question can I buy aftermarket breaks or I need to buy OEM breaks He said it Hass to be OEM brakes because aftermarket brakes on my car will squeak a lot and you’re just going to waste your money


Yes, per Scotty's recommendation, use Akebono pads but the rotor can be any brand. 


I've put aftermarket pads on Volvos before with no squealing.

Sounds like your mechanic may just be trying to move what he has in stock.


Yes, you can use aftermarket brakes no problem.