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CLK 320 losing oil


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Hello Scotty,

First I love watching your show.  I have a 1998 CLK 320 I bought 4 years ago.  It was 156 thousand when I bought it and since I know nothing about cars, I bought it for the body style but I had to spend a lot of money on maintenance not related to the engine.  Fortunately, I have a mechanic that charges fairly and I do my research and buy the parts myself so he can only charge me labor.  Overall the car still runs very solid and it got 190thousand miles now as I drive it every other week from Las Vegas to LA.  Recently on my previous old change, I noticed that after 2 trips to LA I had a low engine oil display.  I brought it back to the place where I did the oil change and they just added oil to it.  After another 1200miles I got the warning again so I just bought a quart and added it.  I made 1500 miles on it band so far I did not have the warning.

I asked my mechanic about this and he said I just had to live with it as the engine is now eating the oil.  I have no leaks at the bottom only like a sweat around the oil cal so I change the cap.  My mechanic said that to repair it you have to rebuilt or replace the engine.  The car runs and drives fine it does not overheat and in fact just last week, I was stuck in a 7 hour LA traffic on my way home and the car was just fine.  Do you have any advice on what I can do?  Can I add those liquid sealants to the motor or will I ruin the engine even more if I do?  I appreciate your time, God bless.


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Your mechanic is correct. Your engine burns oil since your piston rings are worn out. Does not worth rebuilding that engine. Just add oil and keep driving it. 

I don't mind doing that it's 7 dollars, he is a good mechanic and I trust him but it's good to verify. Thanks for your reply but I thought Scotty Kilmer was gonna answer the question.

@erwin, there's only so much one man can do haha, with the YouTube and this site maintenance as well as still taking orders for fixing up customer cars I'm sure he has plenty to do. He is very active on the site, but with the amount of people asking questions, I'd say that other people and mechanics and technicians here are happy to oblige. Maybe next time you'll get lucky and have the man himself give you an answer.


Since the engine is burning oil and it can cost a fortune to rebuild the engine, just keeping adding oil.