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Dealership wants to buy my car back 2 years later...


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Hey Scotty! 

Got a handwritten letter today from the dealership I purchased my 2016 Nissan Maxima from two years ago, saying that the used car market is so dried out right now they want to buy my car back. I have heard of this happening to people but I am wondering is it a good idea? Would I even be able to benefit from this deal? would really appreciate your advice!

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If it works for you, that's fine, but what would it cost for you to replace that Maxima (IF you could find one you wanted)?What could you sell your Maxima for on the open market?

I have yet to see a transaction involving a car dealership that wasn't designed to make more money for the dealership.

Right. They’re not trying to make YOU money.


how much are they offering?

I am taking it in for appraisal saturday! we will find out, however I know what it's accurately worth at the moment, i'm really just curious what they are going to say


Just bear in mind that you will need to pay an inflated price to replace it. On the other hand, Nissans tend not to be the best long-term vehicles so this many be a chance to get top dollar for it if you can line up a suitable better replacement.

Yes, i totally agree


Sounds like the dealer is trying to rip you off twice.  Once when you bought the car and now when he wants to give you peanuts for it and jack up the price to the new buyer.  And he didn't even give you dinner and a movie first.  If you do want to sell it, put it on Craigslist and wait for the bidding war.