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2005 Chevy Avalanche 160,000 miles for $7000?


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Hey Scotty, a 2005 Chevy avalanche. 5.3 vortec, 4x4. Has 160k miles. Could it be a reliable truck? Is it worth it for 7 grand?

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Not worth $7k , no. Maybe half that.


It's getting close to that mileage when it starts becoming a money pit. The reliability at this point will depend entirely on how its been driven and maintained.


Price is high, but not far off from what I'm seeing in the Houston market sadly. 

Around that mileage, my main concern would be the transmission. If it is original it should be on it's way out.


Considering I got my 07 avalanche in 2012 with people 1,000 miles for 5 grand I don’t think it is a good price dose the truck have any mods and how good was the owner on the maintenance mine is running like a clock be BUYER BEWARE it’s like GM made all the parts to brake at one time and that’s Whare the money pit starts to come in but it’s nun to Whare it screws up your moter but you start having lots a brake issues Whare the lines die and drags your 2 front tires bust still the truck is 15 years old so you caint be mad about it. It’s wear and tear.I thing u should buy but eaz the price down to 4,500


I had a 2003 Avalanche. The truck was very good overall but at around 150,000 miles I had to have the knock sensors replaced. The truck was totaled in a wreck at 155,000 miles. I am quite sure the transmission was going to need rebuilding real soon if it was not put out to pasture. My 2002 Yukon XL had the transmission rebuilt at 150,000 miles. I would bet the transmission on this 2005 will be in need of rebuilding soon as well.

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Maybe half of half not worth $7000 especially with that mileage