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2006 Nissan Maxima 3.5 SE 40k miles


I bought this sweetheart deal a few years ago, neighbors grandmother bought this car but only drove it to work and home. So when I picked it up it had 28k original miles on it. I've put 12k on it since owning it. 


The Issues:

Overheated one time, had the cooling assembly replaced.. radiator fan wasn't working. That's been fixed.

It has some electrical thing from time to time, I'll notice the right half of the speedometer kind of go bright/dim occasionally, not sure how to fix this or what the cause could be. 

And of course, the Nissan clear coat is completely shot. It looks so bad that I've started referring to the car as the scab. 

Heatsheild rattles at around 1500 rpms, basically it rattles like a homeless man shaking a can while I'm leaving the subdivision. 


Other than that it's been a great car, runs like a champ. But I know it's getting older and I'd like to have a 'preemptive repair plan' or something so I can keep this older car running like a car with 40k miles should. 

Anything to look out for? Anything to replace before it fails because of the age of the car? Preventative measures to take? 



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Sounds like you have an issue in the cluster you could try taking it apart and cleaning it. Could just be dust or something causing it otherwise it would probably need the cluster replaced. The heat shield you could get some screw type hose clamps and just clamp the shields most likely on the front tube.. otherwise those cars weren’t prone to any huge concerns. Possible timing chain whine but shouldn’t be with that low of miles as long as it’s maintained